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U Caffe USA

We are U Caffe USA, a B2B (Business to Business) distribution coffee company, professional espresso coffee machines & service, and a B2C (Business to Customer) online store. We believe nothing can start your day better than hot espresso coffee. When we left Italy to move to the United States, we knew we wanted to share what it feels like to be Italian and taste coffee our way.   

We made it our mission to deliver our customers what we consider to be the best-imported Italian coffee. So welcome to the U Caffe USA and enjoy our selected coffee by introducing you "l'oro nero di Napoli" The Black Gold of Naples. 


From Ethiopia to Vienna, this delicious, energetic drink in Naples dates back to Maria Carolina D'asburgo, Queen of Naples and Sicily. In 1768 she married Ferdinando IV di Borbone introducing to the court the Viennese use and custom of drinking coffee accompanied by a Kipferl ( cornetto in Italy, croissant in France), upon the suggestion of Maria Antonietta di Francia, sister of the queen. 


From the court to every household in Napoli, coffee made its debut thanks to the invention of the cuccumella, the Neapolitan flip coffee pot invented in Naples by the french Morize in 1819.


In 1884 the espresso machine was invented, and Napoli excelled in the preparation of coffee, thanks to the use of a particular roasting process of the coffee beans, which gave the drink a creamy consistency and a rich flavor and taste. 


The Neapolitan coffee tradition calls for a tiny, preheated, hot white ceramic cup to appreciate its taste, intense scent, and creamy appearance. 


We think Caffè Barbaro best represents the Neapolitan coffee art and tradition with its selection of pods, capsules, and beans so you too can feel like a king or a queen!

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